With a new museum cooperation, Abu Dhabi students learn about art.


Because of the school’s engagement with the Zayed National Museum and Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism, students at an Abu Dhabi school were given fresh perspectives on art and the relevance of museums and their collections (DCT).

A team from the Museum presented a question-based presentation and activity to all Grade 3 students at GEMS World Academy – Abu Dhabi, with the goal of igniting their creativity and imaginations.

The students will now build their own curated space, showing their artworks themed around immigration and migration, replete with labels explaining information about each item as well as its value within the exhibit – just like a real museum.

GEMS World Academy – Abu Dhabi Principal Catherine Erpen adds that such presentations teach students about the art of curating.

The children will curate their own show with the transdisciplinary theme of migration and immigration, according to the school principal.

“Our goal will be to tell the narrative of the migrant or immigrant with a thoughtfully curated exhibition that communicates meaning. Through the creation and selection of various objects and images, our student curators will impact the viewers’ understanding of the migrant/immigrants’ journey. Just as in a real museum, they will create written labels containing information about each piece as well as its significance within the exhibit,” says Erpen.

“I think it’s important for people to understand about migrants and immigrants, because some of us are immigrants here,” remarked Linnea Ettala, a Grade 3 student at GEMS World Academy – Abu Dhabi, when discussing the value of initiative.

Another student, Muhammad Yousef Asif said, “Humans are curious. I am excited to make a museum, because I want to teach people.”

Jack Osmond, a third-grader, believes it is significant because museums educate people, and I want people to learn what we are learning.

According to the school, it planned to do more cooperation in the future in order to start more events like this.

“It is important that students benefit from diverse experiences and it especially meaningful when schools can develop partnerships within the local community. We are very excited about the possibilities and are looking forward to taking our students to Zayed National Museum,” said Erpen.