What is Roblox Game Development?


Roblox Game Development 101 is a course that teaches you how to make games on Roblox.
Roblox Game Development 101 is a free, open-source curriculum that will take you from zero to full-stack Roblox developer.


In this class, we’ll study how Roblox works and begin to consider the fundamentals of Lua programming.

Each of the parts and lessons that follow constitute crucial foundational knowledge. This content should help you get a helpful understanding of the moving elements involved in making and providing games on Roblox, even if you have no intention of becoming a Roblox developer yourself.

We’ll begin by learning how to use Roblox. Following that, we’ll build up a development environment and learn about Rojo. Then, before moving on to the back end with Lua, we’ll go over the fundamentals of front end technologies like GUIs. We’ll wrap off by learning about Team Create, which allows you to collaborate on coding projects with people all across the world.

You should not only understand how Roblox works at the end of this lesson, but you should also be able to recognize and differentiate between all of the technologies that you will utilize to create your own games. Working comfortably from the Roblox Studio, you’ll be able to create a short game, decorate it, and add modest interaction.

This section is designed to cover a wide range of subjects. It’s pointless to get into Roblox programming without first understanding what it is and why it’s useful (and why you should study it!).

How Does It Work?

This curriculum works by bringing together the best material for learning a specific topic from all around the internet. Each lesson will begin with an introduction to the topic and an attempt to provide some background before directing you to other resources created by others.

The majority of lessons will include personal questions to which you should be able to respond. In addition, we give various projects throughout the curriculum to assist you in expanding your knowledge by allowing you to make things. None of it is required, but it is required if you want to advance as a programmer.

While you should be able to complete much of this material on your own, the projects, in particular, are excellent opportunities to pair up and do some Team Create. Take a chance!

What Will Happen Next?

You should feel very familiar with the fundamentals of game development after completing this course, but you’ll be wanting to learn more. Though we spend a lot of time in this course delving into each of the big subjects, it’s really just a sample of what’s to come (and all the cool stuff you can do with it).

The following courses (Roblox Lua Tutorial, coming May 2020) will build on that basis and turn it into a practical comprehension of the material. Those classes will concentrate on polishing these raw building blocks into a highly functional set of skills. After you’ve finished Game Development 101, you’ll have a solid basis on which to build your following steps.

An Overview of Game Development

What are the responsibilities of game developers?

In a nutshell, game developers create and maintain video games.

Clients who are looking to bring their product or service into the game market frequently hire game developers. The work is often project-oriented, and it entails cooperating with a team to integrate the client’s requirements into the final product. An organization, a government, or a game development studio could be the client. Front-end, back-end, or full-stack game development may be required.

If you enjoy solving logical problems, creating things that bring people delight, and experimenting with new technology, game development could be a good fit for you. Game developers are in high demand, have an excellent work-life balance, and earn respectable compensation. To get a better understanding of your local game developer career options, Google your precise location. For game makers, there are even Roblox-specific buildings.

Game Developers Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

We said before that game development work can be done on the front end, back end, or complete stack. What do these phrases actually mean?

The front end is the part of the game that you see, such as the content presentation and user interface features like the settings menu. GUIs and their related frameworks are used by front-end developers to guarantee that content is presented efficiently and that users have a positive experience.

The back end refers to the application’s core components, which are stored on the ServerStorage. To ensure that the front end has what it needs, the back end stores and serves program data. When a game has millions of active users, this process might become exceedingly complicated (think popular games on the front page of Roblox). To work with data, back-end engineers employ programming languages like Lua.

Full-stack developers can work on both the front and back ends of a project. We focus on teaching you full-stack programming in Roblox Game Development 101, which covers all areas of game development.

  • Tools for the Job
  • These are some of the most important tools you’ll need on a regular basis. You may not know what they are right now, but you will in the future.
  • Computer
  • Google
  • Studio Roblox
  • Helpers for Scripting
  • Rojo
  • Motivation

Learning to code is a pleasant experience, but it can also be challenging and stressful. A will to build, a problem-solving intellect, and perseverance in the face of failures are the most valuable assets you may have as a student.

People are more interested in what you’ve done than how you got there in the game development industry, which has a long history of successful developers from all backgrounds.

To obtain a similar picture of what you’ll face ahead, read this lengthy blog article from Happy Bear Software about the road to getting recruited as a brief introduction.

What is the significance of RGD101?

I want you to understand that this is not going to be easy.

There are numerous different online starting curriculums available, however, they are frequently taught in a fairly isolated and regulated atmosphere and cover only a single topic.

Roblox Game Development 101 offers a practical approach to teaching you what you need to know by having you set up and work in your own environment, much like you will when you acquire a job.

It recognizes that in order to be employable, you must have a diverse collection of talents and languages.

RGD101 is always changing thanks to people like you who progress through the curriculum and pay it forward by improving our content over time (in fact, you can modify anything on-site as much as you like).

Start hacking on open-source Roblox projects (like Miner’s Haven or Dungeon Life) if you’re comfortable with the tools. The more you contribute, the more you’ll learn about your abilities and move closer to being hireable. These projects will look fantastic on your resume as well!


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what a game developer does and what your life would be like if you pursued it as a career. This has merely been a sneak peek into the realm of Roblox game production.

“Roblox Game Development 101” will take you on a tour across the complete spectrum of topics that you will need to know in the future. This course will take you through a range of topics that you may be unfamiliar with, giving you a taste of each before moving on.

These subjects will be explored in-depth in the next courses. You’ll create dozens of scripts and games to hone the abilities that will help you land a job.

  • It will be difficult to go all the way there. In fact, you should read “Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard” to get a solid understanding of what to expect on your path. But what meaningful endeavor is actually simple?
  • It will, without a doubt, be difficult.
  • It will, however, be enjoyable.
  • It’s also possible that it’ll change your life.

Overview of the Installation


Having the correct tools is the first step in creating any website. For us, this entails creating a development environment that allows us to write good code.

We’re not going to lie: installing programs, editors, and even complete operating systems can be a pain. Setting up a development environment to run the code you’ll write, on the other hand, is a vital real-world skill you’ll carry with you for the rest of your career.

The Plan for Installation

We’ll go over the steps for setting up your environment in the sections below. These are the most crucial elements in the entire curriculum. Please take the time to double-check what you’re entering, or you’ll end up causing yourself additional problems down the line.

The following are the steps for installation:

  • installing your preferred operating system (OS);
  • putting in a code editor;
  • generating an SSH key (a personal “password” that will identify you on GitHub and many other sites); and
  • Creating and deploying a simple game to ensure that everything works.
  • You’ll be able to show off this game to your friends and family at the end of this section! It may appear that there are a lot of steps, but together, we’ll get through them as quickly as possible! Remember to follow these instructions if something goes wrong:
  • Look for the actual error in the terminal output.
  • Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google
  • Never be frightened to seek assistance!

Don’t be concerned! We’re not asking you to give up anything you’re used to. You’ve probably acquired a lot of useful tips and techniques for your favorite operating system and don’t want to lose everything. However, because most operating systems are designed with non-technical users in mind, many of the languages and frameworks we’ll need to install are hidden or difficult to use. Many new developers lose up before they’ve even begun their trip to full-stack nirvana as a result of having to work around these obstacles.

Modifying or dual booting a computer to run the tools you’ll need will make it much easier to get started programming, will help you focus, and will look good on your CV. Let’s take a deep breath and consider your possibilities.


If you’re a Mac user, you’re in good condition. The majority of professional developers use Macs to code (even Badcc of Badimo, the inventors of Jailbreak, uses a Mac!). You’ll be up and running with your schooling in no time by installing only a few programs!


Windows is a compatible operating system for Roblox Studio. The majority of development tools are designed to run on Windows. We’ll be using Windows 10, which is the most recent version and contains a number of important features. If you don’t have a Mac, we suggest using Windows. That’s all there is to it.



We must first create a development environment before proceeding.

Although there are some Windows-specific ones, this will work on both platforms.

Step 1: Download and install Roblox Studio.

Roblox Studio is really simple to set up. Simply visit the Roblox Studio website and click “Start Creating.” The download will start right away, and Roblox Studio will install itself.

Installing Crucial Plugins (Step 2)

Create a new Baseplate in Roblox Studio and look for a “Plugins” area at the top. Plugins are user-created tools that are intended to enhance your Studio experience. Many are free, but some require Robux.

You can use the Marketplace area of the Toolbox to install more plugins, or browse to the following pages and add the plugins manually (some plugins need external tools to run on your computer)

Installing Nexus Embedded VS Code with the Nexus Unit Testing Plugin (Step 1.1)

TheNexusAvenger is the creator of both of these plugins. Go to Nexus Embedded VS Code and Nexus Unit Testing Plugin to install them.

You must also install Visual Studio Code, enable HTTPService on Roblox, and run the latest installation of Nexus Embedded Editor in order to install Nexus Embedded VS Code.

Nexus Embedded VS Code lets you overlay Roblox on top of Visual Studio Code (more on that later), and the Nexus Unit Testing Plugin makes it simple to run tests.

Installing Rojo (Step 1.2)

Rojo enables you, the developer, to change your game using VS Code and Git. You can also use the command line to deploy your game to Roblox and stream models into your game in real time.

To install Rojo, go here and download the most recent version for your operating system, then go here and install the plugin.

Installing Moon Animation Suite (Step 1.3)

In Roblox Studio, you may use tools like weld editing and animations thanks to Moon Animation Suite.

MAS, unlike the others, is straightforward to set up. It should appear on Roblox after you install it from the plugins page here.