Third Grade And Reading Skills

Throughout their academic careers, students experience a variety of significant events, including their very first day of class, their first school dance, graduation, and more. The third grade, on the other hand, is a year that frequently slips under the radar as a milestone.   Why Is Third Grade Such a Big Deal? Although it […]

3 Ways to Re-center Yourself

It is now possible to make sure that coping toolkits are available when teachers need them the most by adding new resetting and relaxing strategies to them. When you’re at the beach, hiking in the woods, or savoring an ice cream cone, it’s easy to feel tranquil and at ease, and it is. When dealing […]

Understanding The Teenage Brain

Although teenagers may believe they are experts, evidence shows otherwise! Before the age of 25, the logical portion of the brain does not fully mature. Teenage brains function differently than adult brains. Adults use their prefrontal cortex, the brain’s reasoning region, to digest information, according to Stanford Children’s Health. The amygdala, the brain’s emotional center, […]

Good Posture And Confidence

Several ways to control your mood include journaling, counseling, spending time outside, and meditation. But what if we told you that your body posture truly has a significant impact on your attitude, frame of mind, and level of energy? The Mind-Body Relationship There is a strong link between the mind and body. It demonstrates how […]

Sleep Habits And Learning

What are the sleep patterns in your family? Does your family have a tendency to stay up late, sleep in, or use screens right before bed? Sleeping patterns and habits are crucial throughout life and have a big impact on students of all ages being their best selves while learning, in addition to their health […]

4 Proactive Steps to Avoid Misbehavior

The previous year, classroom teachers dealt with some of the most serious disciplinary problems of our careers. While learning loss was a known effect of hybrid and remote learning, the loss of classroom maturation that occurs over the course of a student’s academic year was less anticipated. And any teacher in a regular classroom will […]

Campus Of The Future In Dubai

In a ceremony on campus on January 31, 2022, the Vice-Chancellor and President Professor of the University of Wollongong (UOW) formally opened the new “Campus of the Future” for the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD). The UOWD President, the UOW Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Health and Sustainable Futures, and the CEO of UOW Global Enterprises […]

Don’t Delay Studies Because Of COVID-19

One must begin considering what comes next after they graduate from high school (in reality, when they are in year 9 or 10). What skills do I have? Where can I enroll in that major? Have I got the money? Which nation will grant me a visa quickly? Does everyone who is majoring in the […]

Biotechnology Internship At Bit Pilani Campus

A unique internship program for high school students has been announced by the BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, which offers a program in biotechnology engineering. The initiative will place interns in instructive training opportunities in various biotechnology fields. The on-campus internship program will last for five working days and expose students to valuable hands-on experience while […]

Dubai-Based Software Engineers Best Paid In The World

Dubai: According to recent research, software developers in Dubai make the third-highest salary in the world when compared to other major global tech hubs like London, Berlin, and Amsterdam. According to the consultant Mercer, these specialists, who have at least three years of experience, earn 30% more than their counterparts abroad. The tech sector is […]