UAE: How schools restored normalcy after Covid-19 lockdowns


The UAE schools have returned to normal thanks to a rigorous vaccination and testing campaign, as well as the provision of vaccinations for children as young as three years old.

“The future is bright,” stated Ben Cooper, primary principal at GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail. As restrictions are lifted and the entire community is welcomed back to school, we can do what schools do best: celebrate learning cultures as a single community. We can create greater options for people to express themselves creatively and in whichever medium they want.”

Experts believe that comprehensive face-to-face learning in schools will decrease learning loss when it begins in the second term (for most schools) in January 2022.

According to Cooper, the change to online learning was fast and reactionary, resulting in many difficulties being rectified with short-term fixes. However, the path to recovery has been far more calculated.

“We have carefully listened to the needs of our children and families, ensuring that they are secure, happy, and making a seamless transition back to regular school life.” We have carefully examined recovery plans and implemented individualized teaching programs, and our pupils are now performing academically at the same level as they were previously to the epidemic “, he stated.

Cooper noted that teachers, in particular, had worked relentlessly over the last two years to “guarantee that no child is left behind.”

The pandemic changed practically every part of life, according to Simon Herbert, principal/CEO of GEMS International School – Al Khail, but the contemporary educational ecosystem has a renewed air of confidence.

“There is a cautious and sensible opening and return to ‘normalcy.'” Spectators have been allowed permission to attend sporting events as recently as this week. UAE schools have demonstrated that they are safety-conscious while being committed to improving kids’ well-being, and the government has rewarded this performance with more regulatory flexibility “he stated

When the epidemic first broke out, schools swiftly shifted to online schooling, which was well-received by parents.

“Adjustments were made along the way, and our instructors should be applauded for their inventiveness and adaptability in the face of a challenging year.” This mindset among educational professionals in UAE schools prevented too much learning loss and, in some ways, allowed technology advancements, which are now commonplace. But, as directed by the government, a rapid and clear return to face-to-face learning is warmly welcomed by everybody “Herbert said.

Dubai and Sharjah schools are already at full capacity. All students will be welcomed back to all institutions across the Emirates as a result of this new declaration.

“The UAE education industry has provided a solution to the difficulty being faced by all schools,” said Seema Umar, vice-principal of The Central School Dubai. The UAE has established the global standard for school reopening with its flawless plan. The UAE’s education industry, in my opinion, has a bright future.”

Officials emphasized that educational establishments will be closely monitored to ensure that all Covid safety precautions are followed.