UAE: CBSE schools begin pre-board exams; students ‘thrilled’ for new MCQ format


Educators say students are being tested on their comprehension, inference and analysis skills rather than ‘mere recall’

Pre-board tests have begun in CBSE schools across the UAE, ahead of the final board exams, which are slated for mid-November.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India has released test dates for Grades 10 and 12, which may be obtained from the official website. The CBSE had already declared that both grades’ board exams will be split into two periods.

There will be objective questions in Term 1 and subjective questions in Term 2. Each set of tests covers half of the course material.

Pre-boards are set to commence on Sunday, according to Muhammad Ali Kottakkulam, head of Gulf Indian High School Dubai.

“Students must be guided through the new procedure of answering MCQs in OMR sheets, both manually and by filling in the bubbles, in order to prepare for the tests. Students are often ecstatic to be introduced to a new type of evaluation method “he stated

Gulf Indian High School’s board examinations are set to begin on November 15, with key courses beginning on November 24.

“The examination centres will be the students’ own schools. The test will be monitored by CBSE-delegated external observers. The school will print the encrypted question papers that have been supplied to it. The board examinations would be held in an offline fashion solely, with OMR sheets to be valued on the same day at the school and the results posted to CBSE “he stated

Examinations in Term 1 will last 90 minutes, while exams in Term 2 will last 120 minutes and will be held in March-April 2022.

“We have already begun with our second pre-board, appropriately anticipating the final boards to begin mid-end of November,” said Bushra Mansoor, head of secondary school at Springdales School Dubai. Our assessment schedule was right on, with minor courses beginning in mid-November.”

Rather than’mere recollection,’ students are assessed on their understanding, inference, and analysis abilities.

“The students’ capacity to confidently appraise their own knowledge is tested by the MCQs with reasons and claims, which require concentration. CBSE’s numerous sample papers and webinars have prepared instructors to advise pupils appropriately “she stated

Despite the fact that the new exam format is an extension of the pattern established by standardised testing methods, Mansoor stated: “We are not currently experiencing any issues, but the CBSE website’s fluidity and rigour during the exam will need to be flawless in order for schools to download papers and upload marks within the allotted timeframe. I am confident that the CBSE, like they did during the last academic marks moderation session, would rise to the occasion.”

To protect the safety of students, the CBSE has given published the norms to be observed at exam centres.

Meanwhile, the board has advised students to be calm and focus on their preparation, which includes practising all question types, familiarising themselves with the most recent exam pattern, and tackling stand-alone MCQs, case-based MCQs, passage-based MCQs, and assertion-reason-based MCQs.

“The syllabus of the first term will not be carried through to the second term,” stated Deepika Thapar Singh, CEO and principle of Credence High School. Students are well-prepared, and any modification in the evaluation method must be welcomed and accepted since the authorities have carefully considered it.”