UAE Back to School Protocols: Masks Remain


Protocols for the UAE’s 2022–2023 back-to-school Covid-19 prevention have just been released by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA). The NCEMA published the following procedures via Twitter:

  1. On the first day of school, students 12 and older, teaching and support staff, and service providers must present a negative PCR test result obtained within 96 hours, but there is no requirement for ongoing testing.
  2. All students, including those who are unvaccinated for medical reasons or with a medical exemption, are permitted to attend classes. A PCR test and adherence to the Green Pass system are sufficient.
  3. Social segregation within facilities has been revoked and is now up to the individual facility, including on buses.
  4. Students’ and staff’ temperature checks to check for Covid-19 have been suspended, and everyone with a fever is required to take sick leave, get a negative PCR test result, and not come to work.
  5. While students and staff with COVID-19 or those experiencing respiratory symptoms are permitted to choose the e-learning and remote work alternatives, wearing face masks is required inside closed spaces.

According to the notification, all educational institutions in the UAE must follow these rules.  According to a Parents United poll, the majority of parents in the UAE want masks banned from schools, thus the news is unlikely to make them happy.