Third Grade And Reading Skills


Throughout their academic careers, students experience a variety of significant events, including their very first day of class, their first school dance, graduation, and more. The third grade, on the other hand, is a year that frequently slips under the radar as a milestone.


Why Is Third Grade Such a Big Deal?

Although it may not seem like a reason to celebrate, the third grade represents a significant turning point for pupils. The focus of academic work is shifting this year from learning to read to reading to learn. Children may find it difficult to: when learning shifts from decoding words using the alphabet and phonics to comprehending fact-filled texts.

  1. Enhancing basic literacy and comprehension abilities
  2. Bad grades
  3. Limited time for attentiveness
  4. Insecurities in the classroom

According to research, third-graders who struggle with reading are four times more likely to drop out of high school.  Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made reading and comprehension problems for students worse than they have ever been.


How To Improve Reading Difficulties

When neglected, poor literacy abilities can deteriorate into significant learning difficulties. Fortunately, there are methods for raising reading proficiency at home. The ones listed below are excellent for readers of all ages and simple to incorporate into your regular schedule!

  1. Set aside time each week for family reading sessions.
  2. Participation is essential. Look for books that your youngster genuinely enjoys reading. Students are more interested in the material when they feel linked to what they are learning. Teenagers in particular need to believe that the schooling they are completing has meaning in both their personal lives and the wider world
  3. In the classroom, promote interactions with more proficient readers. Peers are the finest teachers for kids.
  4. Revert to the fundamentals by concentrating on word recognition, phonics, and syllables.
  5. Read blog posts to learn how to increase your reading comprehension or this one to promote reading habits.


Tutoring Is Yet Another Powerful Way To Increase Literacy!

Let’s work together to make your kid a more assured and driven student! Our knowledgeable tutors are a wonderful addition to your child’s learning team since they help them by aiding them in developing their thinking and learning skills while also enhancing their reading and writing abilities. You still have time to advance! Call a nearby facility right away!