The ultimate guide to special needs schools in Dubai!

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Dubai has become one of the best locations to live for anybody and everyone due to its unwavering commitment to diversity. In line with such ideas, there are currently a plethora of special needs schools in Dubai, ensuring that every kid, regardless of their learning and developmental progress, has access to high-quality educational opportunities.



Raising special needs children, no matter where you are on the globe demands dedication and patience. Things may get a lot simpler when you have a support structure in place to assist you to overcome obstacles and anxieties, which is exactly what the special needs schools in Dubai seek to give.



The Dubai Centre for Special Needs, which is located in Al Safa, is one of the best schools for determined youngsters. Nursery, Academic, Multi-Sensory, and Prevocational are the four distinct aspects of this school. On a monthly and yearly basis, each part works toward reaching specific learning and development goals for your kid.

Aside from the educational facility, the center also has a swimming pool and a fully-equipped fitness gym for its students’ physical well-being. They also devote special emphasis to art, crafts, and clinical therapy to enhance students’ social, intellectual, and cognitive growth.

Al Noor special needs center in Al Barsha 1 was founded in 1981 to enrich the young minds of children with cognitive and physical problems. These special needs school in Dubai uses a holistic approach to student development and wellbeing to provide an all-encompassing curriculum for the holistic training and development of determined children.

The school also provides pupils with support therapies, co-curricular activities, vocational training, and work placement opportunities. The Al Noor school for special needs in Dubai accepts children aged 3 to 17 who have intellectual and developmental problems.



The Special Needs Future Development Centre provides young adults with special needs with individualized professional care. The center works with students aged 14 and up to assist them to become self-sufficient in both their personal and professional lives. With personalized learning programs, SNF Children Development prepares determined young people for effective transition into the workforce.

These Dubai schools provide youngsters with special needs with creative learning opportunities.

Student’s behavioral and academic goals are established in these programs, which help them develop and improve their methodical methods and problem-solving abilities. Apart from the normal vocational and integrated training programs, this is a terrific place for your young adult with special needs to experience one of the few special needs schools in Dubai that offers a range of sports and leisure activities.

The Safe Centre for Autism provides a safe, warm, and inviting environment for students with special needs. Their holistic teaching approach ensures that all students grow, thrive, and are supported. Using their distinct knowledge, the dedicated professional staff at Safe Centre work to support learning techniques that meet each student’s specific needs and skills.

Their curriculum includes the Autism Curriculum Encyclopaedia (ACE) and the Autism Mentoring Program (AMP). There is also a vocational room, as well as speech and language treatment and occupational therapy.


The Integrate Centre for Special Needs is the next school on our list of special needs schools in Dubai. The objective of Integrate Dubai is identical to that of the SNF Development Centre. This institute focuses on assisting young adults with special needs in realizing their full potential and maximizing their abilities so that they can become active members of society and the workforce.

For young adults with special needs ages 16 to 25, the school offers full-time programs, after-school activities, and holiday sessions. Their programs are intended to provide personal enrichment, core skill development, behavioral modification advice, social integration, and life skill development.

For children and young adults with special needs, Maharat Learning Centre offers a variety of specialized programs. The center provides educational, therapeutic, counseling, and training services to children and young people with learning, developmental, and behavioral issues. For schools, nurseries, learning centers, and professionals, the center also offers training and professional development.


Behavioral assessments, one-on-one behavioral treatment, tutoring for specific learning issues, school shadowing, school monitoring, and support services, as well as vocational and life skills training, are some of the services provided by the Maharat Learning Centre.

They also educate youngsters on the academic, social, and life skills they need to succeed using Augmentative Alternative Communication, ABA teaching methodologies, online resources, virtual reality, and other cutting-edge technologies.



The Doris Duan-Young Autism Centre in Dubai is more than just a special needs school. This center is more of a platform for support services, such as assessing children with autism or other challenges for verbal and functional behavioral setbacks. The DDY Autism Centre, which is regarded as one of the greatest centers for children with special needs, provides comprehensive treatment regimens to help children overcome the problems they experience daily.

You can sign up your child for one-on-one counseling sessions, after-school social skills development programs, and individualized behavior management plans, all of which are supervised by licensed specialists. In addition, the center provides specialized autistic training for parents, carers, schools, and teachers.



Rashid Centre is the place to go if you’re looking for special needs schools in Dubai that focus on children and families. These special needs school in Dubai, which operates on the values of empathy, inventiveness, and originality, incorporate professional knowledge to guarantee that pupils have strong personal determination and aspirations.

Rashid Centre takes advantage of an integrated learning environment to deliver and develop life skills and abilities that assist determined children in overcoming the problems of daily life. Rashid Centre has everything your kid needs to handle their unique needs, from therapies and integrated programs to a full-fledged special needs school. Children as young as four years old are accepted into the institute.



The Dubai Autism Centre, which has been in operation since April 2001, is yet another specialized school for children with exceptional needs in Dubai. The institute provides a sophisticated learning environment for autistic children that are tailored to their unique sensory and environmental requirements.


The institution employs highly qualified specialists who provide autistic people and their families with recognized developmental and support programs. The Dubai Autism Centre concentrates its efforts on providing people with autism with holistic learning and therapy treatments to assist them to become active and aware citizens of Dubai.



The Elite English School and the New Indian Model School are two affordable schools that serve special needs education.


Al Jalili Children’s Speciality Hospital, the Children’s Medical Centre, and Kids Heart Medical Centre are among Dubai’s leading children’s hospitals.


This concludes our list of special needs schools in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In addition to these special education institutions in Dubai, the government has several measures in place under the National Policy for Empowering People with Disabilities to help children with special educational requirements.