The Hidden Benefits of Coding


A seven-year-old in China gets on to the internet for a coding lesson, but this time he takes on the role of the teacher rather than the pupil. More youngsters in China are being exposed to coding lessons before they even start elementary school, which is a common sight and is growing even more common. Even Japan has done this by making computer programming a required subject in primary school starting last year. But why is teaching children such a difficult subject now so important? In order to learn more about the advantages of teaching children to code and the reasons why parents should start them early, DCC  spoke with coding professionals.


Computer proficiency aids in other academic subjects in schools

Learning to code will not only help youngsters to prepare for the future but also in their current academic path. Computer science is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world with guaranteed career prospects in the future. “In this new age of digital everything, youngsters (and adults) who cannot grasp or connect with technology are swiftly left behind in society,” says Gregory Duffell, CEO/President Asia Pacific of Coded Minds. He contends that knowing the fundamentals of coding is just as crucial as learning other languages like English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, etc. The skill sets learned during coding, he continues, “also assist in many other subjects such as Maths, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), and even English (communication and logic sentence structuring etc.). Research shows that kids who learn to code usually improve Math scores in the range of 20 to 30%, which is quite amazing considering “math” is on most kids’ “My worst subject list.”


Coding is a Great Learning Tool for Kids

Athreya Murugasu, the founder of Build A Code, began teaching coding to children after realizing the growing significance of the skill in upcoming careers. The next generation of ideas that will change the world, according to Athreya, will be created by today’s kids. By using the arithmetic and language they learn in school to develop their own engaging games and applications, coding enables children to create from a young age. This fuels their capacity for creativity, problem-solving, and logical thought, all of which are essential for whichever eventual educational and career path they end up taking. Computer programmers identify problems by coming up with a hypothesis and adjusting the codes to see which one can resolve the issue. Using the same method, programming promotes critical thinking in a significant way. To find the solution, coders must try, make mistakes, and try again. Students will learn the same patterns and procedures for critical thinking just by learning how to code. Children will learn how to divide complex issues into simpler ones and then attempt to solve them as a result.


Your children learn perseverance and confidence via coding.

Coding is difficult. Even for seasoned programmers, it is a never-ending cycle of trial and error and may be quite irritating. However, once the answer is discovered, it is a satisfying feeling to know that you were able to complete the task despite how challenging it was. Coding is vital for kids since it actually helps youngsters develop their character, according to Christina Cee, Senior Marketing Executive at iTrainKids. Debugging is a key component of coding, which calls for advanced analytical abilities. Learning to code helps youngsters develop their critical thinking abilities while also encouraging them to tackle challenges head-on and come up with several inventive solutions to a single issue. Giving your kids exposure to such a situation can help them develop persistence and confidence early on, which will undoubtedly benefit them in the long run. Perseverance and confidence will be important qualities for them to have in order to succeed, whether in their personal lives or in their careers.


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