The Best Video Editing Software


Free video editing tools can help you create great promos for sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and wherever else you distribute brand videos. There are some simple free video editing programs available that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Product videos, as opposed to images alone, are a more engaging form of content marketing that helps minimize a customer’s uncertainty in making a buy. Ecommerce product videos, according to Small Business Trends, can boost conversion rates by up to 144 percent.

We’ve assembled a selection of the greatest free video editing software, as well as a handful with reasonable paid versions, from around the web. We’ve broken down some of the most useful elements of each product for each entrepreneur’s individual needs.

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For the desktop, the best free video editing software
For businesses wishing to create promotional movies, there is a wealth of free desktop-based editing applications. The main benefit of free desktop video editing software is that it usually has more functions than mobile video editing apps.
If you’re looking to edit your promotional videos on a budget, check out our list of free video editing software you can use to edit long-form content for YouTube, your ecommerce site, or a variety of other platforms:

HitFilm Express
DaVinci Resolve
VSDC Free Video Editor
Movie Maker 10
Vimeo Create