Benefits Of Playing Video Game

It is now abundantly obvious that society has undergone a fundamental transformation as we usher in a new era of technology innovation and growth. Growth in the number of people playing video games in recent years is a result of this trend. Although there used to be numerous stigmas and preconceptions associated with video games […]

UAE To Explore Technology Partnerships

13th Abu Dhabi-Singapore Joint Forum was co-chaired by Mr. S Iswaran, Minister in Charge of Trade Relations, and Khaldoon Al Mubarak, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Affairs Authority. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore continue to have close bilateral economic ties, as Mr. Iswaran and Mr. Al Mubarak emphasized at the Forum.   […]

The Good Doctor & Virtual Reality

Are you watching The Good Doctor right now? A young autistic doctor who is a phenomenon is one of a group of doctors who work in a very futuristic hospital. In episode 9, a young patient with heart failure is being operated on. Before performing the procedure, they carried out the entire process digitally and […]

Metaverse Years From Being Global Phenomenon

Big brands are flocking to the metaverse, but Sebastien Borget, one of the industry’s most important players, told AFP in an interview that broad acceptance may be years away and that the path to profitability is still unclear. The Sandbox, a platform that started out as a game for smartphones and computers but is now […]

Dubai-Based Software Engineers Best Paid In The World

Dubai: According to recent research, software developers in Dubai make the third-highest salary in the world when compared to other major global tech hubs like London, Berlin, and Amsterdam. According to the consultant Mercer, these specialists, who have at least three years of experience, earn 30% more than their counterparts abroad. The tech sector is […]

UAE Digital Businesses

In order to attract more than 300 digitally oriented companies to establish bases here within the next six to twelve months, the UAE Ministry of Economy has launched a program. The “NextGen FDI” project will give these businesses the support they need to launch and grow within the UAE. The Ministry intends to introduce more […]

Google Row On AI Troubles

Both inside and beyond the tech community, artificial intelligence is still a sensitive subject. A dispute within Google over whether it created technology with conscious thought has spilled into the open, revealing the goals and dangers of artificial intelligence that sometimes seem all too real.   The Silicon Valley giant suspended an engineer last week […]

Machine Learning And Solar Farms

Large-scale real-world solar data sets and cutting-edge machine learning techniques were coupled by American researchers to examine the effects of severe weather on solar farms and identify the variables that influence energy production. The scholarly journal Applied Energy published its findings earlier this month. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Department of Energy’s (DOE) […]

How Dubai’s New Technology Is Helping Their Nation

Introduction Dubai has always been an innovative city, but now it’s getting a little help from technology. From education to healthcare, the city’s embrace of artificial intelligence is creating an entirely new future for its people. Here’s how Dubai is using technology in all aspects of life: Education Education is a top priority in Dubai, […]