Students Receive Industry-backed funding to study at Top-Ranked Australian University in Dubai

Curtin University Dubai scholarships to study bachelors and masters degrees in the United Arab Emirates

This September, Curtin University Dubai began an industry-backed scholarship programme, with 35 students receiving money for their studies at the university’s Dubai campus.
Students can apply for up to AED 100,000 in study financing, as well as mentorship and placement possibilities with organisations including CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa, Transnational Education Group (TAG), and Yogi Group, one of the UAE’s biggest engineering and contracting conglomerates.


‘Life at work is considerably more than academic learning,’ says Atinirmal Pagarani, Managing Director of Yogi Group. Experience gained via a summer job, internship, or mentorship programme is more important. Its lessons might eventually assist you in excelling at work and climbing the corporate ladder. I can testify for that because I work for Yogi Group, a people-centric organisation that prioritises employee wellness. We mentored a number of newcomers who began as interns and went on to make significant advancements in their careers. We are always in favour of projects that allow recent graduates to gain industrial experience before launching their professions.’


Danae-sha Govender, a mechanical engineering student at Curtin Dubai and recipient of the Yogi Group Award, explains: ‘I chose Curtin Dubai in order to further my studies and am very pleased to say that the university exceeded any expectations that I had. I am honoured to be a student here, and I will do all in my power to please my university and parents.’


Curtin University Dubai hopes to expand its industry-backed collaboration programmes as a result of the success of this scholarship programme, in order to further incorporate students’ job possibilities and experience into their education.


The university is noted for coming up with innovative methods to live up to its slogan, ‘Make tomorrow better,’ and for assisting students in every manner possible in their pursuit of a brighter future.