Star International Midrif unveils stunning new facilities, including an advanced STEAM+ lab, an art studio, and two state-of-the-art science labs


Star International School Mirdif, a customized British curriculum school in the heart of Mirdif, has unveiled its newest facilities, including its cutting-edge STEAM+ Makerspace, Art Room, and Science Labs, as well as the start of its GCSE/IGCSE and BTEC programs this academic year.

As technology advances, schools must continue to provide a curriculum that includes an advanced learning environment, technical assistance, and design education. The British Curriculum school has introduced its IGCSE and BTEC education programs, as well as the STEAM+ Curriculum, as part of Star Mirdif’s continued strategy to preserve its position as a top educational institution.

While getting mentorship and direction, the STEAM+ Curriculum offers students with a platform to learn about current global challenges, propose a solution, and construct a plan to solve their concerns. Students have been allowed to experiment in the domains of robotics, design, and blue sky thinking technologies thanks to the cutting-edge STEAM+ Curriculum. “It has been a tremendous pleasure to build a space dedicated to collaborative working, creating awareness among students of Global concerns, and presenting them to the newest breakthroughs in Technological Education,” says Keelan Gallagher, the STEAM Department Leader.

Since the debut of the STEAM+ Curriculum, students have explored topics such as ecosystems, pollution, and recycling, and are currently working on exciting prototypes aimed at preventing waste from damaging the oceans. The + denotes a desire to go above and beyond by providing a STEAM curriculum that includes Enterprise, Innovation, and Life Skills. As part of the international Tycoon competition, students will start a firm. Students are allowed to create products and answers to the world’s most pressing issues in order to save the planet and our species. To supplement the overall curriculum, Star Mirdif is incorporating vocational qualifications such as food safety and head and safety. The goal is to instill a sense of awe and wonder in all kids and prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

The wide range of topics addressed in a science class need a variety of specialized equipment and, in some cases, multiple facilities. Star Mirdif’s Science Lab provides students with a streamlined learning experience that allows them to make better use of supplies, reduce delivery times, and conduct more experiments without being limited by equipment. The Star Mirdif’s Science Labs will enable more access to advanced learning, cutting-edge technology, and a collaborative and educational area.

“We are committed to further investing in our facilities to create a world-class, educational experience for our kids,” says Principal Neal Oates. We will continue to try to guide our students to attain their full potential with the opening of our new world-class state-of-the-art facilities, and we are confident they will love our newest additions.”