Sharjah: Some kids will be able to learn remotely at private schools.


According to Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) guidelines and regulations, private schools in Sharjah will give online learning opportunities to students who have real reasons and unavoidable situations.

Students who choose online study must produce a medical report, documentation of the conditions, and other essential paperwork, according to a circular given to parents and acquired by Khaleej Times.

Aside from these considerations, the circular listed three types of students who were not permitted to participate in in-person learning. In-person classes are not required for the elderly, patients with autoimmune illnesses, or students who are not currently in the emirate because to travel limitations caused by Covid-19.

According to a SPEA spokesman, the body has established 10 prerequisites for complete school reopening. These include requiring schools to attain 50% attendance by October 31, ensuring a safe distance between pupils, and requiring kids to wear a mask while on school grounds.

While keeping a safe distance and increasing the proportion of pupils on buses to 100%, the number of students in the class must not exceed the authorised count before the pandemic.

SPEA’s internet platform “Your Children Are Safe” requires schools to include parents.

The official said that all school staff members must be fully vaccinated, with the exception of those who are exempt from the process.

Children aged 12 and up must be encouraged to get vaccinated by their parents.

They should follow the revised guideline, which will be released this week, and give medical reports for pupils with health issues that have been approved by a health authority.