The Hidden Benefits of Coding

A seven-year-old in China gets on to the internet for a coding lesson, but this time he takes on the role of the teacher rather than the pupil. More youngsters in China are being exposed to coding lessons before they even start elementary school, which is a common sight and is growing even more common. […]

Compiled vs Interpreted Language

The techniques that programmers interface with computers have changed along with computer science, all with the fundamental goal of telling them what to do. The binary instructions an electronic computer understands are no longer used since modern programming languages are more similar to human languages. This begs the question of how these programming languages are […]

How Dubai’s New Technology Is Helping Their Nation

Introduction Dubai has always been an innovative city, but now it’s getting a little help from technology. From education to healthcare, the city’s embrace of artificial intelligence is creating an entirely new future for its people. Here’s how Dubai is using technology in all aspects of life: Education Education is a top priority in Dubai, […]

Which Language Is Best for App Development?

There are several considerations to consider when you initially consider developing mobile applications. How should I learn to program in order to create apps? Should I focus on Android or iOS development? What distinguishes a native app from other kinds of apps? It may seem as though you have to choose a direction, choose which […]

10 Most Common Coding Mistakes

10 Most Common Coding Mistakes Introduction If you’re learning to code or have been coding for a while, chances are you’ve made some mistakes along the way. Coding is full of pitfalls that novices can easily fall into without realizing it. As they say: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In […]

What is an API?

Introduction If you’re a software developer, you’ve probably heard the term “application programming interface” (API) before. But unless you’re a programmer or have worked with one in the past, you might not be entirely sure what that means. What is an API? Is it different from a program or app? What does it do? How […]

Is it possible to make a game with Scratch? Part 2

The Code section The Code Tab saves all of the code blocks. Creators may add code blocks to their Sprites and backgrounds to make their sceneries more lively. Tab for Costumes You may create and change Scratch sprites and their outfits under the Costumes Tab. This is where you give your projects their names. Area […]

Is it really possible to make a game with Scratch? Part 1

Scratch is a great online coding environment for kids and adults of all ages. The platform is easily accessible on Android tablets and most desktop PCs. It’s also a great location for novice programmers ages 8 and above to learn the fundamentals of coding by using block-based coding. Scratch is a programming language that can […]

Is Your Kid A Tech Scrooge? Here’s Why It Happens and How to Fix It

Is Your Kid A Tech Scrooge? Here’s Why It Happens and How to Fix It Overindulgence in media by kids isn’t uncommon, though. It’s not uncommon for parents to give in to their children’s demands to use technology, but this isn’t always a good idea. There is little awareness around the risks of excessive screen […]

Struggling to code? Here are some great tips!


There are many problems you can face while learning how to code since you have to learn not only the syntax but many new concepts too.  Even when I was learning to code (still am), I encountered many struggles, so it’s pretty normal and expected. Here are some tips on how to overcome these struggles! […]