Preparing Teens for University


The idea of going abroad and living independently from their family can be rather intimidating for teenagers who have never had to operate a washing machine, prepare a meal, or change a bed sheet. Not to mention, there will be a high learning curve in how to take care of oneself!  Many parents will be looking ahead to September and their teenage son or daughter joining university for the first time as the new year approaches. These top suggestions from DCC team will assist you in preparing for the first significant step toward autonomous adult life.


Our students can become spoiled by living in the UAE, and many youngsters expect to maintain the same standards of living on their student aid—which is frequently impossible! It is our duty as parents to instill in our kids the idea that a budget is set and that any additional spending must come from their own funds, whether through part-time work or savings. One parent gave the advice to purchase food in advance online. Giving students some of their budgets to spend in a supermarket shop that you can order online and have delivered every week anywhere in the world is a wonderful idea because students seem to spend their money on socialising.


Engage the school in this!

The first few weeks of university survival, financial planning and budgeting, personal safety, cooking, home skills, DIY, and even replacing a vehicle tire are all topics that many institutions will specifically cover. Why not bring up this topic at the upcoming parent-teacher meeting if your school does not currently offer these lessons?


Teach them to be cautious with their freedom.

Your child will have grown up in the UAE and will have been exposed to a wide variety of cultures, which can help them become more mature, well-rounded, and culturally sensitive. But because they are from a community that is generally considered “secure,” they might not be as “street smart” as their new classmates in some situations. For instance, drinking is a common practice at universities around the world. When students move to a nation where the legal drinking age is 18, they have a lot more flexibility to engage in this aspect of university life, but in the UAE it is against the law to consume alcohol before the age of 21. Teach them to avoid alcohol altogether, or at the very least, how to handle it safely.


Teach them how to cook

Ten teenagers have never even attempted to boil an egg for everyone who is a competent cook. Let’s face it, students will probably eat pizza and noodles most of the time, but it’s still necessary to teach them about the advantages of eating healthy food. Teach your teen how to prepare a nutritious, well-balanced dinner at least a few times per week. Start learning the fundamentals of cooking for one before they leave the nest, such as how to make basic dishes like pasta, jacket potatoes, omelets, chicken curries, and even beans on toast!

Foster independence

You as a parent are probably experiencing a range of emotions as your child prepares to leave home, including dread, trepidation, and a strong desire to continue controlling every aspect of his or her life. Try to be restrained! Now that they are a young adult, your child has to understand that it is time for them to take charge of their own life. Start gradually handing off duty to your kid before they leave for college to aid with this. Encourage them to take chances and give them space to handle the emotions and other difficulties that university life will present.