Starting School: Easing Separation Anxiety

For parents of young children attending school or nursery for the first time, worry frequently sets in as the end of summer begins to loom closer. Are your worries regarding your child’s early years justified? Is this change really as significant as it seems?   Why is separation such a challenge? Simply put, separation anxiety […]

Without a degree or expertise, here’s how you break into the tech sector.

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People have been compelled to reconsider their career choices in the aftermath of the last major economic downturn, and to consider if their current professions will provide them with a steady income until retirement. Many people who see difficulties looming in their jobs or businesses discover that mastering technology skills is the answer. Meanwhile, an […]

The basics of cybersecurity


Attackers are now employing more advanced methods to target the systems. Individuals, small enterprises, and major corporations are all affected. As a result, all of these businesses, whether IT or non-IT, have recognized the necessity of cyber security and are working on implementing all available countermeasures. Organizations and their employees should be prepared to cope […]

What are the various Java applications?

Technology, like the languages that are used to produce it, is always evolving. Java is a widely-used programming language with several uses. The following are ten Java applications: Apps for mobile devices Desktop Graphical User Interface Programs Applications for the Web Applications for Business Applications in Science Applications for Gaming Technologies based on Big Data […]

Future Proffesions


Students may not always have a choice, particularly in the Gulf area, where governments give specific scholarships and students have no choice but to accept what is offered. Some students, on the other hand, thrive and change majors halfway through the course, wasting time. AI, Data Science, Big Data, Cloud Computing, E-Commerce, Information Security, Internet […]

All About Fun Robotics in Dubai!


The fascinating subject of robotics will catch your interest whether you are a child or an adult. This area allows you to directly put concepts into practice. In the United Arab Emirates, robotics programs, as well as Lego robotics camps and children’s computer instruction, are popular. And venues like Dubai’s Fun Robots are ideal for […]

The top 12 after-school activities for kids in Dubai’s newest locations


Parenting is unquestionably a difficult task. If you’re responsible for a toddler or a teenager, it’s even more difficult. Parents are constantly looking for locations to take their children so that they can learn the necessary life skills in today’s global environment. DubaiCodingClub decided to make their search easier by compiling a list of the […]

With a new museum cooperation, Abu Dhabi students learn about art.


Because of the school’s engagement with the Zayed National Museum and Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism, students at an Abu Dhabi school were given fresh perspectives on art and the relevance of museums and their collections (DCT). A team from the Museum presented a question-based presentation and activity to all Grade 3 students […]