Starting School: Easing Separation Anxiety

For parents of young children attending school or nursery for the first time, worry frequently sets in as the end of summer begins to loom closer. Are your worries regarding your child’s early years justified? Is this change really as significant as it seems?   Why is separation such a challenge? Simply put, separation anxiety […]

3 Ways to Re-center Yourself

It is now possible to make sure that coping toolkits are available when teachers need them the most by adding new resetting and relaxing strategies to them. When you’re at the beach, hiking in the woods, or savoring an ice cream cone, it’s easy to feel tranquil and at ease, and it is. When dealing […]

Active Listening Skills

A crucial part of learning is listening. The development of communication skills necessary for both inside and outside the classroom is significantly influenced by a student’s capacity for active listening. A crucial “soft skill” like problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork is active listening. It’s a skill that can be learned and improved, but mastery requires persistence […]

Preparing Teens for University

The idea of going abroad and living independently from their family can be rather intimidating for teenagers who have never had to operate a washing machine, prepare a meal, or change a bed sheet. Not to mention, there will be a high learning curve in how to take care of oneself!  Many parents will be […]

Develop Skills Learnt Throughout Preschool Years

Preschool years are among a child’s most formative ones in a variety of ways. In addition to being their first experience with school, the period between ages 4 and 6 is a good opportunity to naturally foster their curiosity and inventiveness before exams come into play. The foundation for children to become better learners is […]

Summer Holiday Reading List

Parents want their kids to read for enjoyment, not only to learn to read. The extended summer break is the perfect opportunity to help your child cultivate a lifelong love of reading and advance their language and literacy abilities. Reading on your own or reading aloud to your child will both help you prevent the […]

How To Choose A Nursery?

It is crucial that everything runs as smoothly as possible whether returning to work is a voluntary decision or a duty. in order for the child and parents to completely appreciate this new family existence. Your youngster will require some time to adjust to his new surroundings after spending the first few weeks or months […]

Top 10 Computer Science Jobs

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Problem-solving skills are essential while working in an industry that is continually changing and adapting. There will be occasions when your code’s unit tests fail, or you have a long sprint ahead of you to complete your next goal. In these cases, your adaptability and ability to solve a difficult problem will come in handy. […]



Higher education institutions must collaborate more closely with businesses and students to offer courses that will improve employability and opportunity. This is according to De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) Vice-Chancellor, who was speaking to a global audience at an Expo 2020 panel debate on the future of higher education. Professor Katie Normington was joined by […]



SAE Dubai has announced a new Diploma program in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), with admissions available for February 2022 enrolments, as part of its continued efforts to remain at the forefront of modern creative education. Expert lecturers provide extensive knowledge in AR, VR, mixed reality, haptic technologies, human-computer interface, and prototyping, and the curriculum […]