Inspirational Education

GEMS Founders School - FIRST LOOK - EJME taken on the 3rd of October 2016 at Al BArhsa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (Photo by Sharon Haridas /ITP Images) ;03-10-16_GEMSFounders_EJME

I firmly believe that lifelong learning is essential and that there should be no age restrictions on education. This conviction motivates me to enroll in classes, read books, conduct research, and learn new things whenever I can. Of course, it’s not just me; many other individuals hold the same opinion, which gives me a lot of hope. I used to and still do sign up for courses through Coursera and MOOCs, but at the moment I prefer live classes since the people around me motivate me to give back to the community more.

So, this most recent course I took is incredibly imaginative. How to include the highest value of the human being into education was discussed by the author of a book on the secret of the paradigm with his sister, an educationalist. Throughout the course, the acronym VMG was frequently used. V stands for value, which denotes that humans have a variety of values that guide our daily actions. M is for the mind, which is divided into the conscious and subconscious mind, and G stands for goal. Now, the fundamental objective for us educationalists is to have inspirational education as our highest priority. We also want to learn how to manipulate our brains so that inspirational education can reach the subconscious level. As a result, we always work toward that high level.


In essence, if all teachers, school administrators, and other school officials agree that we must change the way education is provided, and if we all constantly and again subjected our brains to this notion, we will accomplish this aim without any trouble. Take driving as an example. When we first learn, we concentrate and must constantly remember the steps. However, once we master driving, we drive automatically because all the rules have sunk into our subconscious. In a similar way, if we want to tell ourselves that we are strong, smart, beautiful, rich, happy, and other such adjectives, we must think of these terms, embody them, and practice th


So, after taking the course, we all have the same conclusion: if we can make inspiring education our top value and think about it constantly in a positive way, it will eventually get ingrained in our subconscious, and everyone will be content. I’ll be teaching another thinking-modes course the following weekend, so stay tuned.