How Hackathons Assist Your Career in Coding


Students may impress recruiters at organizations like DCC by participating in coding challenges. For programmers of all levels of experience, the majority of coding is done alone, behind your own screen, chugging away at something new. As a result, when the opportunity to publicly demonstrate your abilities arises, it’s a really unique occasion. Enter the hackathon, a competition-style event aimed at helping budding programmers build a name for themselves in their chosen field—while also winning rewards!


Why should you participate in hackathons?

Hackathons, like the TCS CodeVita coding competition, are a great method for students to meet people in their field of interest. Coding events provide you the opportunity to make a good impression on recruiters who might want to hire you in the future by displaying your talents in real-time while also letting your personality shine. Just ask this Handshake user, who obtained a full-time software engineering position with JPMorgan Chase after competing in their hackathon!


Three advantages of Hackathon:

  1. These competitions allow students to put what they’ve learned in class to the test in a more real-world setting.
  2. Hackathons can be an excellent resume highlight and topic of conversation while networking for a potential career.
  3. Participating in challenges demonstrates a commitment to developing and cultivating your talent. This shows recruiters that, while you’re an excellent coder right now, you’ll continue to study and grow!


How do you get ready for coding events?

Because each hackathon is unique, it’s critical to do your study (literally) before entering the competition! Here are a few simple success tips:

  1. Look into the event to see if there are any examples of problems, queries, or scenarios that might be brought up during the presentation. You might want to look over summaries from previous events in the series or look around the hackathon website for clues regarding the theme or focus.
  2. Read the regulations, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! The organizers of coding events want you to have a good time and feel prepared for success, so they’ll be pleased to answer any questions you have.
  3. Install any new software or development environment that you might need to use during the event ahead of time.
  4. Make plans to network. Keep your Handshake profile, CV, and/or personal website on available in case the opportunity to connect with a recruiter or other industry professional with whom you’d like to keep in touch arises.
  5. Please spread the love. If you have any friends, students, or other peers who would be interested in participating in the hackathon, let them know. If the opportunity to code in a group environment comes during the event, you’ll be pleased to see some familiar faces.
  6. Remember to have a good time! While these gatherings offer some exciting opportunities to meet possible mentors, recruiters, and other professionals, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Enjoy the event and have a good time while gaining valuable experience.


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