How Dubai’s New Technology Is Helping Their Nation


Dubai has always been an innovative city, but now it’s getting a little help from technology. From education to healthcare, the city’s embrace of artificial intelligence is creating an entirely new future for its people. Here’s how Dubai is using technology in all aspects of life:


Education is a top priority in Dubai, where the government has invested heavily in both public and private education. The city boasts a number of schools and universities, which offer free education for UAE nationals (and sometimes even foreigners). In addition, there are many opportunities for vocational training through private companies, as well as language training programs for foreign workers who want to learn Arabic or English.


It’s no secret that Dubai has a lot of desert, and with almost all the country being desert, the population has to find ways to make sure they have enough water for themselves and their families. Since there is no natural source of fresh water in the area, people need to use desalination plants or get their water from underground sources.

Dubai also knows that in order for its people to be healthy, they need food. It’s easy to see this by looking at how many restaurants there are in Dubai! The government knows that if it wants its citizens healthy then they will have access to nutritious food at all times so they have been working hard on making sure there is enough food available for everyone.

Another thing about living here is having somewhere safe where you can go when things get too hot outside – which happens often here because it’s so hot outside! The government knows this too so they’ve created public parks where people can come relax after work or during lunchtime break if they want some peace instead of working through lunch like many Americans do


  • Innovation: Dubai is a technology hub and has been recognized as such by being named one of the most innovative cities in the world. In fact, Dubai ranked number two on Forbes’ list of “The World’s Most Innovative Cities 2016” and number one on Fast Company’s 2015 list of “The Most Innovative Companies.” The city regularly hosts conferences dedicated to innovation such as Embracing Change, which takes place each year during the GITEX Technology Week trade show. The event features speakers who discuss topics ranging from encouraging creativity among employees to creating an environment conducive to innovation within organizations and governments.
  • Leadership: Dubai has also become known for its leadership in technological innovation. In addition to its investment in artificial intelligence initiatives—such as robots that patrol streets or assist with human labor—the government has launched several other projects aimed at transforming how people live in this region. These include an initiative called Smart Dubai Office (SDO), which aims to use technology like sensors along with big data analysis for things like traffic flow management; another project based on blockchain technology called Drones for Good; yet another project called Global Blockchain Council (GBC) that seeks out ways blockchain can be applied across industries such as health care and insurance; finally there’s also Project Discovery which uses crowdsourcing techniques along with machine learning algorithms so anyone anywhere can help scientists better understand our universe while earning cryptocurrency rewards!


Dubai is working on a driverless taxi system, as well as driverless metro and bus systems. They are also working on a car system for the future. With all this technology, Dubai will be able to get people from one place to another without worrying about accidents or traffic jams. The roads will be much safer because there won’t be any accidents or speeding cars; only safe drivers!

Dubai is developing these technologies so that it can ensure its citizens have access to safe transportation options in the future. The city knows that many countries are using these transportation methods, so they want their people to have access as well!

Dubai’s new technology is helping in all areas of their lives

  • Education. In a region where many students are lacking the tools and resources needed to succeed, Dubai’s government is working to change that by implementing new technology into the classroom. This includes online learning programs, digital textbooks, and even virtual reality simulations that allow students to experience life in a different country or culture.
  • Health care. It’s no secret that millennials are less likely than previous generations to see the value of visiting their doctor, but Dubai is changing this by developing new technologies that make it easier for people across the world—especially those who don’t have access to high-quality medical professionals—to get check-ups without ever leaving home. With health care being one of the biggest expenses an individual or family can face during their lifetime, these new tools could help reduce costs significantly over time (not just for those looking for convenience).
  • Innovation/Technology Development: The UAE has already made great strides when it comes innovation…with its commitment towards furthering knowledge through scientific research; its strong focus on entrepreneurship; its concern about creating a sustainable future environment wherein human beings can thrive together with other living things; its dedication towards building better cities with better infrastructure so as everyone can have better lives.”


Dubai is making a name for itself as one of the most innovative cities in the world. The government has been working hard to make sure that they stay on top of all the latest trends in technology and are constantly implementing new technologies into their daily lives. This dedication to keeping up with what’s hot is what makes Dubai such an attractive place to live, work and play.