Global Edtech Leader -cuemath – Achieves Explosive Growth in Uae Student Enrolment


Cuemath, a one-on-one personalised math learning platform funded by Google, has announced that it has surpassed a milestone of over 180,000 UAE students enrolled on its platform.

Since its introduction in June 2021, Cuemath has experienced tremendous growth in the UAE, with more than a 600 percent increase in student registration.

According to current market analysis by Report Linker, the Middle East and Africa (‘MEA’) EdTech and smart classroom industry is expected to quadruple to $7.6 billion by 2027. Positive word-of-mouth referrals led to 25,000 children joining on the site when the Google-backed EdTech formally launched in the UAE after a successful pilot, with the biggest demand coming from pupils in grades three to seven.

Nearly half of the MEA population is under the age of 24, giving a tremendous opportunity for the EdTech revolution to have a visible impact on education in the region.

With citizens from practically every country in the world, the UAE’s exponential rise reflects Cuemath’s global appeal in tandem with its rapid international expansion.

Cuemath’s Founder and Chairman, Manan Khurma, said:

“We are ecstatic that so many students in the UAE recognize the importance of Cuemath’s innovative learning methods, reaffirming our commitment to the region.” We are delighted to be contributing to the evolution of the education scene in the region, as educational advancements continue to take place around the world.

“According to our most recent student survey, kids in the UAE are among the most concerned about arithmetic, with a quarter reporting a negative impression of their math abilities. By combining gamification and visual learning to make arithmetic ideas more accessible and interesting, our innovative methodology challenges traditional teaching methods. We intend to continue to motivate kids in the UAE to become problem solvers of the future.”

Cuemath’s goal is to make math more enjoyable for its users. It adopts a three-pronged approach using experiential learning approaches, including classroom math (workbooks and unlimited practice), mental aptitude, and creative learning. Learners seek for Cuemath’s programs because of the combination of conceptual clarity and games to develop math skills.

Over 20 countries are represented at Cuemath, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Canada, Egypt, Nigeria, India, and Thailand. Over 10,000 teachers, over 90% of them are female, lead the program. They include ex-academics, doctors, investment bankers, lawyers, botanists, food technologists, and accountants.