Future Proffesions


Students may not always have a choice, particularly in the Gulf area, where governments give specific scholarships and students have no choice but to accept what is offered. Some students, on the other hand, thrive and change majors halfway through the course, wasting time.

AI, Data Science, Big Data, Cloud Computing, E-Commerce, Information Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Programming, and other majors that resemble what we need today as we live and will live forever in the cyberspace/computer age are among those that parents advise their children to pursue.

All of these majors are determined by a person’s brain type (right-brained or left-brained). It indicates that one side of the brain is more dominant than the other. People that are left-brained are systematic and analytical by nature. Those who are dominant on the right side of the brain are creative and artistic. While many parents encourage their children to pursue majors that are more suited to the left side of the brain or the left hemisphere, they may not succeed because they lack the characteristics required for careers such as programming, science, business analysis, and mathematical.

Thus, in order to avoid falling for advertisements about what to advise your child to do at university and setting him or her up for failure, please try to understand your child from the time he or she is a toddler, as you can find characteristics that will match his or her abilities. For example, if you find your daughter tinkering in machines and opening watches or breaking a toy car to see how it works, she is most likely a left brainchild, and if you find your son reading books, drawing art

Because not everyone can be Picasso or Michael Anglo, and not everyone can be Madam Curie or Tomas Addison, teachers in schools have a significant ability to determine which group the child fits into. Simple assessments can be designed to assess a child’s ability to study the majors he or she should pursue from the start of his or her school career.

Of course, none of this occurs in our area, so we insist on a psychometric exam, which has a 90-95 percent accuracy rate in determining the position of our ability, that is, whether it is right or left brain. If everything else fails, suggest that your children take online courses, such as:

Code Academy — For kids interested in computer science or information technology.
Google’s Digital Garage is a place where you can learn about digital skills.
These courses may help you determine if you are a left or right brain, but I am confident that you will like them in either case (and to top it up, they are free). Now I have to add that those who are artistic can enter the digital world and contribute aesthetic input for computers, robots, and phones. A child does not miss out on the digital revolution in this scenario.
Please do not pressure your children to pursue a major that may negatively impact their lives; instead, find out what they are capable of first.