From 2022, the UAE will have five models for schools to adopt.


On January 3, 2022, when schools across the UAE return following the winter break, kids and staff will begin a new academic week.

Their Friday-Saturday weekend would be changed to a half-day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weekend. Classes on Fridays would have to stop before 12 p.m.

Students and academic staff in Sharjah will have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off.

This means that starting in the new year, the academic week will be shortened at all UAE schools. To compensate for the loss, education regulators have proposed a variety of options for schools to follow:

1. Extend daily schedules
Schools in Sharjah have the freedom to extend the school day and change their study schedules and class lengths as they deem suitable. In Dubai, schools are given flexibility in terms of hours to ensure that they can achieve their curriculum requirements. Schools must notify the KHDA of any changes to their operating hours.

2. A school day that begins early or ends late
Schools in Dubai are allowed to start or stop sessions earlier or later than the present schedule if they speak with parents.

3. After-school classes over the internet
Schools in Sharjah can only hold three hours of e-classes each week. This means that students may be required to log in outside of school hours.

4. Add a week to the academic year
Schools in Sharjah can extend the academic year by a maximum of seven days. Before the summer vacation begins, schools may stay open for another week.

5. Model of flipped learning
By providing students lecture materials and presentations to view at home or outside of class, teachers can prioritize active learning during class time.