Expo 2020 Dubai will place a strong emphasis on education and human empowerment to create a brighter future.


The UAE’s Minister of Education, Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, attended the fourth edition of the Aqdar World Summit in the Fazaa Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

He stated that the country is entering a new era and that the education sector is critical to the country’s growth strategy.

To transform the country into a knowledge-based economy, it is critical to invest in education and human empowerment.

“We are now on the cusp of a new stage in the UAE, which is the next 50 years. The UAE has many ambitions, with education being the foundation and axis for building the future. Education in the Emirates is an integrated and sustainable system in which the student is at the center

and is constantly supported, starting from early childhood through to secondary and university stages, scientific research and lifelong learning.”

The summit is a global gathering place for world leaders, decision-makers, experts, professionals, and top companies.

Local and worldwide issues linked to the human, cultural, and intellectual empowerment of societies are examined.

“The UAE’s focus on positive education and human empowerment in the future. The Ministry of Education is supporting educated generations capable of facing the challenges of the age to enable our country to achieve its desired goals in construction, cultural and scientific development.”

The Aqdar World Summit, which was held under the topic of ‘Positive Global Citizenship – Empowerment of Sustainable Investment Opportunities,’ began with Roxana Saidi, an 11-year-old Australian, taking the stage to explain what makes the UAE so unique.

“The thing I love the most about the UAE is the people who live here – they are so kind, respectful, and tolerant. I’m so lucky to have so many friends here, who have taught me about their cultures, traditions, clothing, and food. They have also shown me that we are all the same. We want the best for our families, our friends, and the future. We love having so many unique friends from all over the world and we want to change the world”