Dubai is home to the world’s first AI-powered driving hub

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A simulation gadget powered by Machine Learning that can better assess driving behavior has been launched in Dubai.

Location Solutions, a Dubai-based telematics technology business, has partnered with driving school Excellence Driving Centre to develop the Artificial Intelligence Driving Hub.

The new technology was unveiled at the Dubai World Trade Centre at the 18th International Road Federation World Meeting and Exhibition.

From November 15 onwards, the devices will be offered at Dubai’s Excellence Driving Centre.

Living Lab, a Slovenian technology company, created the AI Driving Hub by Location Solutions.

“It’s taken six years to get here. “The very accurate technology was built by data scientists from Stanford University,” said Alex Smirnou, AV Living Lab’s vice president of the Middle East.

Back in March 2021, Location Solutions announced that it would introduce the first AI Driving Hub to Dubai.

“The product has been tested in London, Tokyo, and the United States, as well as in the UAE for a few months,” Smirnou stated.

In two years, the business intends to have at least 150 of these devices dispersed around the GCC.

What is the purpose of the driver evaluation hub?

“The system makes use of a next-generation motion driving simulator, biometric sensors for data gathering, a digital twin, actual traffic scenarios with key road circumstances, a patented cognitive AI platform, and avatar simulation,” he stated. This will help drivers better identify their strengths and areas for growth in their driving behavior.”

According to Smirnou, the gadget takes 15 minutes to examine a driver. The technology can be used by both rookie and fleet drivers.

“Professional drivers who take the AI exams will have a better chance in the competitive driver market with transportation service providers,” he continued. “They will be able to comprehend their driving skills and have a clearer vision for their career options.”

Lower reputational risk, reduced carbon emissions and fuel consumption, fewer fines and insurance cases, individually personalized training programs, and a critical tool for driver hiring are among the benefits for fleet operators.

“We intend to go even farther and develop an AI Driver Training Program adapted to various fleet types, allowing them to be more efficient and individualized in driver education,” Ali Al Zaabi, CEO of Excellence Driving Centre, said.

“We will work together to leverage data-driven technology to improve road safety in Dubai,” stated Zaim Azrak, CEO and creator of Location Solutions. Over 150 AI Driving simulators will be installed across the GCC region in the next two years.”

“We intend to develop an ecosystem to assist Dubai to reach zero accidents, to create a people-centric and environmentally sustainable society,” said AV Living Lab CEO Daniel Avdagic.