Studying Medicine

Despite the fact that studying medicine can be difficult, the majority of students who receive 95% or above in their secondary school choose to pursue it. Many of them are either pressured by their parents to pursue medical school, are enthralled by the field of study, have friends who are enrolled in medical school, or […]

How Prepared Are UAE Teens For University Life Overseas

Teenage expats in the UAE who decide to pursue further education frequently have to move away from home and experience independent living abroad. Since suddenly handling one’s own finances, personal safety, schedules, transportation, and other things at the early age of 18 is not so much the next step as it is a giant leap, […]

Deciding On A Major

Students encounter a variety of obstacles as they leave the comfortable “school nest,” fly out and begin to live independently as college students. One of the hardest decisions high school grads have to make is what degree to pursue. Does that mean they should declare economics as their major even though they may be doing […]

Teenagers Confused About Career Path

It can be challenging for grownups like us to choose a career to pursue; it can feel like being trapped in water between two mountains; it’s both too difficult to deal with and too valuable to ignore. Some people’s anguish is much worse, especially if they have picked a major that is not in line […]

Cybersecurity As A Major

In today’s wired society, everyone is preoccupied with sharing details about their lives on social media without considering the potential consequences of the images, addresses, and other information that could jeopardize their personal safety. Mark Zuckerberg has been under investigation for the past few months on how Facebook is using our data; when the CEO […]

What programming languages are in demand in Dubai?

programming languages in demand in dubai

What are the most sought-after programming languages in demand in Dubai? Python is the most in-demand programming language in Dubai, both because of its versatility and because it’s used heavily in data analytics and machine learning initiatives. The UN Research Institute for Social Development‘s report on machine learning found that Python is one of the […]

7 Best Tips: How to Get a Job as a Mechanical Engineer in Dubai

How to Get a Job as a Mechanical Engineer in Dubai

How to Get a Job as a Mechanical Engineer in Dubai? 1. Take competitive exams to get a good job in Dubai Several competitive exams in Dubai help you how to get a job as a mechanical engineer Dubai. And also other parts of UAE which you can prepare for and get a good job […]