How to know if you are addicted to your cell phone

How to know if you are addicted to your cell phone You’re always reaching for your phone. If you spend more than an hour a day on your phone, you’re likely addicted. Not sure if that’s true for you? Here are some other telltale signs of cell phone addiction: Your phone is the first thing […]

How Robots Are Being Used in Day-To-Day Life

Health Care Robots have been used in health care for years. They can perform surgeries, diagnose medical conditions, store medical records and administer medication. As technology advances robots will continue to be used in these ways. Hospitals Hospitals are using robots to assist with a variety of tasks. Robots in hospital operating rooms (ORs) help […]

Top Reasons to Choose A One-On-One STEM Education


Top Reasons to Choose A One-On-One STEM Education Individualized teaching makes for a more meaningful education. Individualized teaching makes for a more meaningful education. As any teacher will tell you, every student learns differently. Some students may need to see a concept illustrated, others may need to hear it explained verbally, and still others may […]

How can deep learning revolutionize mobile sensing?

  A new age of mobile sensing is upon us, and it’s powered by deep learning. This technology has been making waves in the tech community for years, and it’s finally ready to change how we live, work, and play. In fact, deep learning has already played a pivotal role in Dubai’s smart city efforts. […]

Abu Dhabi’s First Digital Trade Financing

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Singapore and Abu Dhabi have launched the world’s first cross-border digital trade finance experiment (UAE). The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Abu Dhabi Global Market’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), and commercial partners collaborated on the pilot. Singapore, as a major trading hub and international financial center in Asia, […]

Microbiology and It’s Importance

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We are living in an unprecedented period with a virus that is evolving at a breakneck pace, and no vaccination will be able to completely remove the risk of catching the virus. Covid19 is a member of the SARS/MERS family, which has been around for a long time. While SARS has a greater death rate […]

Benefits of Programming


Summary: Computer coding is the world’s universal language. People that know how to code will be able to communicate across countries and cultures, be more innovative, and solve issues more quickly than those who do not. Learning to program at an early age will assist your children in solving common difficulties and preparing them for […]

5 Advantages Of Coding Lessons

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Have you considered enrolling your child in a coding course? You’ve certainly heard the term “coding” a lot lately, and like any vast field, you might be wondering what it comprises and why it’s worthwhile for your kids to take some classes. Computer programming or software development is referred to as “coding.” These classes are usually reserved for students in their late teens or early twenties, whether they are in high school or […]

STEM Education


STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is a curriculum centered on the idea of educating pupils in four specialized fields – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and practical manner. STEM blends the four disciplines into a holistic learning paradigm focused on real-world applications, rather than teaching them as separate and independent […]

STEM Education’s Top 3 Advantages

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  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s a way of thinking and teaching that makes teachings more engaging and relevant to students’ lives. Whether you’re already familiar with STEM or are learning about it for the first time, there are advantages to including it in your teaching toolkit. If you’re already familiar […]