Does Education Makes Us Respectful

I’ve noticed that a lot of students treat their teachers, classmates, parents, and the larger community with disrespect. Bullying in schools is a well-known issue that has been researched and re-researched, but as it has persisted for generations, there is still no cure. Additionally, once we leave school, we continue to treat coworkers, bosses, and […]

Inspirational Education

I firmly believe that lifelong learning is essential and that there should be no age restrictions on education. This conviction motivates me to enroll in classes, read books, conduct research, and learn new things whenever I can. Of course, it’s not just me; many other individuals hold the same opinion, which gives me a lot […]

Applying To Become A PHD

What does the term Ph.D. mean? Many people probably don’t know why a doctor of philosophy—abbreviated Ph.D.—is called that. You are looking at a problem and trying to come up with a scientific solution, as the subject implies; you are eager to learn the solution and thirsty for knowledge and wisdom, thus the name philosophy. […]

3 Benefits Of Online Courses

  Online education is increasingly being used to achieve degrees. Newly graduated high school students are now choosing online courses from prestigious universities. A master’s degree in a variety of subjects, such as public health, can now be pursued online by those who are employed full-time or who own their own business. Online courses typically […]

UAE Home-Financing Startup Huspy Raises $37M

Dubai: The home financial solutions provider Huspy, based in the UAE, has received $37 million through a Series A round, with the support of Sequoia Capital India, Founders Fund, and Fifth Wall. Chimera Capital of Abu Dhabi, which had prior involvement with the startup, also participated. Huspy will use the money to expand throughout Europe; […]

MDX Named Dubai’s Largest UK University

According to fresh data issued by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) for the 2021–2022 academic year, Middlesex University (MDX) Dubai has been identified as the largest university for total student enrolments for a second consecutive year. Currently, at MDX Dubai, more than 4,500 students are pursuing UK degrees, an 18% rise from the […]

New Standard In Secure Software Development

New tactics and strategies are required as cyber threats grow, become ever more complex, and change to match cyber resilience measures. Traditional theories and practices that shield a physical peripheral are no longer effective, especially in the increasingly prevalent remote workforce. These strategies must be regularly reviewed, frequently updated, and monitored because they cannot be […]

Child-Friendly Metaverse

Mainak Chaudhuri enthuses about the promise of the technology as a young woman straps on her vest and headgear and enters a virtual world. At this week’s VivaTech trade show in Paris, Chaudhuri of the French start-up Actronika told AFP, This is the first step towards the metaverse. The vest can be worn to improve […]

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

For internet businesses, selecting the finest hosting services in 2020 is crucial. The hosting sector has undergone a considerable upswing as a result of cloud computing, providing for more client dependability and resilience. A very basic website hosting service would typically entitle you to a specific amount of resources on a single host, including your […]

5 Ways To Attract The Media

There is strong competition in almost every industry, and customers are constantly bombarded with tens of thousands of marketing and promotional messages from various companies. In today’s environment, a positive reputation and publicity go hand in hand with providing high-quality goods and/or services. Consumers frequently consult media journalists, bloggers, critics, and other product/service reviews for […]