How to Raise a Problem Solver in Your Child

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Magda Gerber, a child expert, once said, “Parenting, or raising a child is an impossible profession. The most impossible profession. Number one, we raise children with the knowledge of the past. It’s already obsolete.” According to this remark, it may be foolish to imagine that we are trying to raise children for the future when […]

Sharjah: Some kids will be able to learn remotely at private schools.


According to Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) guidelines and regulations, private schools in Sharjah will give online learning opportunities to students who have real reasons and unavoidable situations. Students who choose online study must produce a medical report, documentation of the conditions, and other essential paperwork, according to a circular given to parents and acquired […]

You’ll be Surprised by the Benefits of Playing Video Games

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Numerous studies have proven that video games are really beneficial to your health, dispelling the myth that they are dangerous. After hearing comments like “You’ll destroy your eyes if you keep looking at the screen” or “Stop playing video games in your room, go outside!” for so long, it’s understandable that some people may still […]

7 Beneficial Ways Your Child Will Grow From After-School Programs

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As summer draws to a close and many of us return to our scheduled schedules, it becomes clear that some of our daily routines are indeed irregular. For example, many students cannot go to class to learn. In this way, students “homework will look different, tests will look different, social time will look different and, […]

UAE: CBSE schools begin pre-board exams; students ‘thrilled’ for new MCQ format


Educators say students are being tested on their comprehension, inference and analysis skills rather than ‘mere recall’ Pre-board tests have begun in CBSE schools across the UAE, ahead of the final board exams, which are slated for mid-November. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India has released test dates for Grades 10 and […]

UAE: New back-to-school programme to inspire creativity, encourage reading

A new back-to-school programme featuring a roster of workshops and sessions will be launched this month by Maktaba at the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT — Abu Dhabi). The programme will combine learning and fun, while aiming to inspire creative and analytical skills in children, as well as encouraging them to […]

Students Receive Industry-backed funding to study at Top-Ranked Australian University in Dubai

Curtin University Dubai scholarships to study bachelors and masters degrees in the United Arab Emirates

This September, Curtin University Dubai began an industry-backed scholarship programme, with 35 students receiving money for their studies at the university’s Dubai campus. Students can apply for up to AED 100,000 in study financing, as well as mentorship and placement possibilities with organisations including CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa, Transnational Education Group (TAG), and Yogi Group, […]

How Do You Find the Best Tutor For Your Children?

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You may be perplexed if you are seeking for a tutor for your children or if you want to know how to find a tutor for my child near me. How can you discover a decent instructor in a city when there are so many tutors and educational organisations all claiming to deliver the greatest […]

A Dubai student’s software makes creating and publishing tales enjoyable and simple.


A Dubai student’s software makes creating and publishing tales enjoyable and simple. Ishan Vaish, a Dubai student who designed an app that helps individuals improve their writing and reading abilities, provides advice to students on how to pursue their ambitions of working in the app development industry. Ishan encourages individuals just getting started in app […]