Struggling to code? Here are some great tips!


There are many problems you can face while learning how to code since you have to learn not only the syntax but many new concepts too.  Even when I was learning to code (still am), I encountered many struggles, so it’s pretty normal and expected. Here are some tips on how to overcome these struggles! […]

All About Deep Learning


Deep learning is a machine learning technique that allows computers to learn by example, the same way that humans do. Deep learning is a critical component of self-driving automobiles, allowing them to detect a stop sign or differentiate between a pedestrian and a lamppost. It enables voice control in consumer electronics such as phones, tablets, televisions, […]

Top 10 Computer Science Jobs

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Problem-solving skills are essential while working in an industry that is continually changing and adapting. There will be occasions when your code’s unit tests fail, or you have a long sprint ahead of you to complete your next goal. In these cases, your adaptability and ability to solve a difficult problem will come in handy. […]

The future of robotics: How will robots change the world?

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When we talk about robots, we may immediately think of sci-fi-inspired, humanoid machines. While they primarily remain mythical, there are numerous more types of robots in use today. But, what exactly are robots? And how will they make a difference in the world? What are robots? Robots differ from other machines in how they interact […]

University of Birmingham Dubai Welcomes Expo 2020 Intern

Following a unique competition that attracted hundreds of applicants from across its sister campus in the UK, the University of Birmingham Dubai has welcomed its first-ever Expo 2020 intern. Beatrice Gironi, a second-year Business Management student, was selected for the social media marketing internship after being chosen from over 200 applicants. Beatrice, an Italian native, […]

Global Edtech Leader -cuemath – Achieves Explosive Growth in Uae Student Enrolment


Cuemath, a one-on-one personalised math learning platform funded by Google, has announced that it has surpassed a milestone of over 180,000 UAE students enrolled on its platform. Since its introduction in June 2021, Cuemath has experienced tremendous growth in the UAE, with more than a 600 percent increase in student registration. According to current market […]

Dubai student selected 2021’s youngest entrepreneur

Dubai student selected 2021’s youngest entrepreneur

At the India-UAE Business Conclave 2021, held recently under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmad Bin Hamadan Bin Mohamad Al Nahyan, a seventeen-year-old student from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai was named the Youngest Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year. Syed Zain, a first-year electrical engineering student, was presented with the prestigious prize […]

New UAE workweek: Many schools to adopt flipped learning model

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As the new UAE workweek rule takes effect in January 2022, many schools around the UAE are reintroducing the flipped learning approach. Schools, like the rest of the country, will go to a four-and-a-half-day workweek, with half-days on Saturday, Sunday, and Friday marking the new weekend. Because of the way the week is already arranged […]