GCSE and IGCSE Results: What to Expect

With this year’s students being the first to fully complete exams since 2019, it was inevitable that a lot of attention would be paid to those who were expecting their A Level and International Baccalaureate results in this summer. The interruption that students in Year 13 and Grade 12 experienced as a result of the […]

Third Grade And Reading Skills

Throughout their academic careers, students experience a variety of significant events, including their very first day of class, their first school dance, graduation, and more. The third grade, on the other hand, is a year that frequently slips under the radar as a milestone.   Why Is Third Grade Such a Big Deal? Although it […]

Career Counseling

More than only reading, writing, and math are part of education. One of the most significant investments anyone can make, it opens the door to a prosperous life. We first encounter formal education in school, where we come to understand that these years serve as the foundation for education and are crucial in transforming young […]

Prepare For College & University

Many young people (as well as their parents) hope to attend college or a university one day. Naturally, there is a significant difference between daydreaming and developing a strategy for achievement. It’s advisable to begin college planning as early as possible because it might be a lengthy process. Even if it’s crucial to leave your […]

How Personalized Learning Helps Students

Is individualized instruction the secret to assisting underachieving pupils to succeed? Personalized learning places students in control of their own learning, in contrast to the conventional teaching and learning model. One instructor for many students is the main structure of traditional teaching and learning.   The majority of parents will have previously encountered the difficulties […]

Master’s Program In Sustainable Humanitarian Actions

Incredibly, 30 fully sponsored scholarships are now being offered to qualified candidates who have a passion for humanitarian efforts on a global scale by the first college to ever offer an international humanitarian master’s degree program in Sustainable Humanitarian Actions. The admissions office for the school has now been opened. The doors to the DIHAD […]

Preparing Teens for University

The idea of going abroad and living independently from their family can be rather intimidating for teenagers who have never had to operate a washing machine, prepare a meal, or change a bed sheet. Not to mention, there will be a high learning curve in how to take care of oneself!  Many parents will be […]

Strong Study Skills Make Exams A Breeze

Students should evaluate how beneficial their study habits are right now because final examinations are only around the corner. Let’s face it, most study sessions go something like this:   Start studying, Pause for a moment to check social media, Try to find headphones. Obtain water Return to your study. The majority of students, however, […]

How Prepared Are UAE Teens For University Life Overseas

Teenage expats in the UAE who decide to pursue further education frequently have to move away from home and experience independent living abroad. Since suddenly handling one’s own finances, personal safety, schedules, transportation, and other things at the early age of 18 is not so much the next step as it is a giant leap, […]

Applying To Become A PHD

What does the term Ph.D. mean? Many people probably don’t know why a doctor of philosophy—abbreviated Ph.D.—is called that. You are looking at a problem and trying to come up with a scientific solution, as the subject implies; you are eager to learn the solution and thirsty for knowledge and wisdom, thus the name philosophy. […]