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Fun, intriguing, and creative STEM & Digital Creatives classes

Game Development
Design and Animation
Video Editing
Computer Science
Highschool and University Projects

Assisting Future Careers In Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Have them being taught by proud and respectable engineers from reputable companies and institutions.

Be inspired to code, create a digital masterpiece, and even your own youtube channel.

Dubai Coding Club helps young aspiring engineers/artists to first turn tech/digital arts into a great hobby.

And then, turning consumers of the internet into creators and builders of the future.

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We believe in the idea of awesome technology education for your children’s future. Our mission is simple, to create mind-blowing tech experiences that inspire students to create the future.

Our Tech Instructors Are Alumni/Graduates/Employees From The Companies/Institutions Below:

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Personalized STEM Learning

We structure all our classes in either small-sized groups or 1-on-1, whereby your child will get the utmost attention and development. He/she will be able to freely express their curiosity and passion for STEM throughout the lessons. Also, grow and learn at a pace that suits them. 

We are proud partners of the organizations below:

Studying Medicine

Despite the fact that studying medicine can be difficult, the majority of students who receive 95% or above in their secondary school choose to pursue

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